For a better recycling
Comune di Vimercate

For a Young ST ART UP
Comune di Cinisello B. MI

For a natural movement Regione Lombardia

For our children
Nativa – Le Roi Merlin

For a natural breath
Solas Natural Paints

For a new team
Parco Nord Milano

For a natural discovery
Regione Lombardia

For the genius of the cover
CoLibrì Covering Machines

For a new opening
Business Gates S.r.l.

For a mature choice
Solas Natural paints

For better trades
CoLibrì System S.p.A.

For a fruitful trade
CoLibrì System S.p.A.

For an identity preservation
CoLibrì-Min. Beni Culturali

From ice to passion
Ice Tech

For a QUAlity control

For a tourism higher
Austria Alpina Tourist Board

For world traveller
Seven Zaini

For a fight against fear
ASL MI2 – Distretto 4

For war victims
Medici dal Mondo

For a peace choice
Com. Fermiamo la guerra

For citizen participation
Comune di Vimercate MB

For citizen involvement
Comune di Vimercate MB

For a living town
Comune di Cinisello B. MI

For eyes open
teXtura – Theatre Residence

For passion in fashion

For quality in fashion
Vero Cuoio

For organic food

For summer food

For a jingle

For a book to find
Lint – Subscription Agency

For wine art
Colonnara Marche

For cars only
Arbre Magique

For an helping hand
Il Boom

For home comfort
A. Molina & C.

For artists and tourists
Vienna Tourist Board

For design

For sport

For a breath of fashion
Stone Haven