Parrots repeat.
Eagles soars.

Vieni a prendere
un Bando in Centro

The art of recycling
Comune di Vimercate

CEM Ambiente
We Plogging Event

Young ST ART UP.
Comune di Cinisello B. MI

Natural movement
Regione Lombardia

For our children
Nativa – Le Roi Merlin

For the planet
SIMI Group

For education
CEM Ambiente

For yellow multipak
CEM Ambiente

For a natural breath
Solas Natural Paints

For an answer
Silvana Redaelli

For a new team
Parco Nord Milano

For organic paint

Natural discovery
Regione Lombardia

The genius of the cover
CoLibrì Covering Machines

A new opening
Business Gates S.r.l.

A mature choice
Solas Natural paints

For better trades
CoLibrì System S.p.A.

For a fruitful trade
CoLibrì System S.p.A.

Identity preservation
CoLibrì-Min. Beni Culturali

From ice to passion
Ice Tech

QUAlity control

High Tourism
Austria Alpina Tourist Board

For world travelers
Seven Zaini

A fight against fear
ASL MI2 – Distretto 4

War victims
Medici dal Mondo

For a peace choice
Com. Fermiamo la guerra

Citizen participation
Comune di Vimercate MB

Citizen involvement
Comune di Vimercate MB

For a living town
Comune di Cinisello B. MI

Eyes open
teXtura – Theatre Residence

Passion in fashion

Quality in fashion
Vero Cuoio

Organic food

Summer food

Sing a jingle

A book to find
Lint – Subscription Agency

Wine art
Colonnara Marche

For cars only
Arbre Magique

An helping hand
Il Boom

Home comfort
A. Molina & C.

Artists and tourists
Vienna Tourist Board

Snow design

Sport design

A stone of fashion
Stone Haven